Henrietta Szold's Baltimore from 1860-1902

Baltimore, MD, United States
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Henrietta Szold's Baltimore from 1860-1902 - Cya On The Road

The world knows Henrietta Szold (1860 – 1945) as the founder of Hadassah. But although she stands among history’s leading Jews, few realize that she grew up in Baltimore and lived here for the first half of her life. It was in Baltimore that she began to see herself as a leader of Jewish women, and here she encountered the immigrant community whose learning, fervor, and Zionism revitalized her.The buildings where Szold lived, worked, and worshipped are gone now, swept away as the city continually rebuilt itself. The Jewish Museum of Maryland designed this tour to include these locations, with images of how they looked during Szold’s lifetime, but it goes beyond them to present a panoramic view of the city and the community that influenced this exceptional leader, thinker, and activist.The tour sketches the demographic, social, religious, and economic story of Jewish Baltimore during Henrietta Szold’s years here, before she moved to New York in 1903. Like this community, Szold saw herself as an integral part of America, yet with a unique identity. Here in Baltimore, as well as in the world beyond, Szold used her Jewish learning and values as well as her essentially American practicality and energy toward the cultural and spiritual fulfillment of her people.This digital tour is part of the Jewish Museum’s programming, including a Henrietta Szold Living History Character which was made possible through the generous support of the Kolker-Saxon-Hallock Family Foundation, Inc., a supporting foundation of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. Educational opportunities were made possible by the Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Fund of The Associated.The tour script is by Barry Kessler.Audio recorded by Erin Penn and Sara PhilippeAudio editing and digital adaptation by Alex Malischostak. Please rate this tour and write comments letting us know how you enjoyed the experience and how we can improve it! We appreciate your feedback!

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