Food Deserts in Baltimore

Baltimore, MD, United States
Est. 8.3km / 2 hrs 35 mins / Map

Food Deserts in Baltimore - Cya On The Road

Slow Violence can occur in different ways. Take Food Desserts for example. Have you ever thought how terrible it would be not having a store where you can get fruits and vegetables from? You will probably say, why would Baltimore not have food if I see restaurants everywhere. Well, a food desert is much more complicated than that.Baltimore currently faces the issue of lacking availability and affordability to nutritious food. The average person living in these areas of Baltimore must travel about a quarter of a mile or more to reach a supermarket. Additionally, health and diet implications have been linked with it, including obesity in kids, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Finally, food deserts have been connected with areas of low income that have been racially and economically discriminated against. The following are a few of the many areas in Baltimore that are considered food deserts and are  in need of more markets who provide fresh food for their households.If you would like to see the rest of these food desert areas click here:

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