Baltimore ACTivism Tour

Baltimore, MD, United States
Est. 22.1km / 42 mins / Map

Baltimore ACTivism Tour - Cya On The Road

Judging by the stock photo on izi's home page, I'm banking on the fact that this app's target user is a "millennial."  I'm also banking on the fact that as a "millennial" you're a little sick and tired of being called a narcissist when, as a matter of fact, you're trying to make the world a better place.  A point made clear by the mere fact that a "Baltimore ACTtivism Tour" has peaked your very interest.  The reality is, a large portion of us are WOKE and inherently skeptical of the powers that be (including those crotchety journalists throwing that "millennial" label at us, as if its a bad thing).  Thanks to our inherent skepticism and the Internet, we are constantly exposed to and cognizant of every day injustices enacted by government policies, politicians, police, and well...racists (to name a few).  We're living in a post Trump America that hasn't done much to raise the 2008 established hope-o-meter.  Our desire to correct injustices and make the world a better place is looking like an increasingly hard task to navigate.  Fret not izi user, you've found yourself a tool that can literally help you navigate beyond the mountain of hopelessness.  This is a tour to match your level of wokeness.  We're going to take a drive and discover the whereabouts of a few organizations where change is happening now and you can get involved on a local level.  Inside these buildings people are working to empower disenfranchised communities whose physical bodies and voices have been neglected and silenced. These organizations are working for the people and with the people, stoking the fires of the revolution taking place within communities in Baltimore.  So lets take a drive through the city to see where your time, efforts, or skills can be put to good use, and put on display key locations working to mobilize an entire city. 

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