Parks of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD, United States; Towson, MD, United States; Gwynn Oak, MD, United States
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Parks of Baltimore - Cya On The Road

On this tour we look at various (currently standing )public parks in baltimore. The word "Park" means gold course, garden, or actual amusement park! "In the early 1980s, McElderry Park suffered from white flight and abandonment by its working class homeowners. The closing of nearby public housing flooded the neighborhood with Section 8 tenants in individual rowhomes and apartments, unfortunately along with additional street crime, and illegal drug trade. Throughout the 1990s, the area became the most crime-ridden in old East Baltimore. Efforts are underway to turn things around, replacing abandoned buildings with productive uses such as public gardens."Slow violence effects the working poor of Baltimore, because their community parks, gardens, and gathering places have slowly vanished. However, places like Sherwood Gardens have maintained their glory for years, because of its upper class ties. Public land is privatized into golf courses and "Special" parks like Guilford's Sherwood Gardens. Although they say "all are welcome to visit", the garden is out of reach for Baltimore's poor. Public land seems to have degraded from what it once provided to the Baltimore community.  slow violence:why were decisions made that led to today’s results?why does the private, small, upper class neighbor house the best “public” park?why do the parks controlled by the state, only see improvement when private organizations go out of their way to make these improvements?? (i.e boyscouts eagle projects,

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