Sandy Spring Historic Tour

Sandy Spring, MD, United States
Est. 2.6km / 52 mins

Sandy Spring Historic Tour - Cya On The Road

This walking tour focuses around the small town of Sandy Spring Maryland. This small town has a population of a little over 5,500 individuals, but is in close proximity to larger towns such as Olney and Aspen Hill. This town has quite a bit of history. Sandy Spring became a permanent settlement in Maryland in the 1720s by the Religious Society of Friends, who are also known as Quakers. Looking for a place to settle, the Quakers built their community close to a small fresh-water spring, which is the origin of the community's name.The original community was contained within a six-mile radius. According to local legend, the boundaries of the town allowed for individuals to travel to and from the meeting house and still make it home before dark if travelling by horseback.

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