Baltimore Uprising/Riots

Baltimore, MD, United States
Est. 21.2km / 41 mins / Map

Baltimore Uprising/Riots - Cya On The Road

In April of 2015, an infamous symptom of the slow violence of police brutality occurred. A young African American man named Freddie Gray injured his spine and neck while in police custody, eventually leading to his death. Many citizens of Baltimore took to the streets in protest. At the same time as the peaceful protests, some individuals began to loot and destroy police/private property either due to outrage or opportunistic impulse. In the aftermath news organizations and individuals took to social media to document what they had seen or to voice their opinions. NPR, CBS, One News Now, ABC News, CNN and other referred to the event a Baltimore Riots, while the Baltimore Sun, John’s Hopkins Newsletter and the Baltimore city paper called it the Baltimore Uprising.In reality, it was a mixture of both. To see that one must identify the locations of protests and riots at the time to differentiate.

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