Listening to the Landscape: Walking Through History

Charlottesville, VA, United States
Est. 1.9km / 38 mins

Listening to the Landscape: Walking Through History - Cya On The Road

Welcome to History in the Landscape at the Ivy Creek Natural AreaOur thanks go the Virginia Department of Forestry and the Ivy Creek Foundation for their support of this project.My name is Dede and I have been guiding walks at Ivy Creek for ... well decades now.I'd like to take a minute or two to review a few handy hints on how best to use this app and once we've done that, all you need to do is put in your ear buds, select start, stick your phone in your pocket, and start walking.Because you see, each of the stops is GPS triggered and should start automatically as you approach each interpretive stop. This walk is a loop trail and measures about a mile. Walking leisurely and stopping once in awhile, this tour will take 30-40 minutes. But at any time you can peel off and get back to the parking lot pretty easily. Each stop also comes with images, that you can choose to look at or not. To access these, tap on the thumbnail image as a story plays, and then tap the image again the image which enables you to swipe through all the images.First let's be sure the settings on your phone are optimal.Be sure your phone volume is up and that the location setting is turned on. It's also best to download the tour using a wi-fi connection. When you're ready to go on the tour, you might want to check to see if it has been updated - that's right next to START button. Then press START to get to the first page with a map indicating each stop. While you're on this page, just check to see that your ear speaker is on if you're using ear buds or a bluetooth and off if you want to hear it aloud. That setting is in the upper right hand menu (those 3 bars at the top right).The TOUR ITINERARY option at the bottom of the map allows you to manually take the tour at any time and to access the images and text..To walk it, select start and let's get on our way.... I'll meet you at the beginning of the paved trail.This tour is sponsored by the Ivy Creek Foundation and funded with a grant from the Virginia Department of Forestry Photos courtesy of the Ivy Creek Foundation

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