Virginia Capital Trail Official Historical Highway Markers Audio Tour

Richmond, VA, United States; Henrico, VA, United States; Charles City, VA, United States; Claremont, VA, United States; Williamsburg, VA, United States
Est. 82.5km / 1 hr 50 mins

Virginia Capital Trail Official Historical Highway Markers Audio Tour - Cya On The Road

From the heart of Richmond, to the Governor's Mansion in Colonial Williamsburg, the Virginia Capital Trail traverses a beautiful landscape as it parallels Route 5. The 51-mile trail travels through portions of Henrico, Charles City, and James City counties as it connects the Colonial Virginia capitals of Jamestown (1607 to 1699) and Williamsburg (1699 to 1780) to the current capital of Richmond.This region has been inhabited for millennia by Virginia Indians, and played a pivotal role in the first 250 years of African American and European history in the United States. It should come as no surprise that there are more than 40 historical highway markers in the vicinity of Route 5, which itself is one of the Commonwealth's most venerable byways. The Virginia Department of Historic Resources has developed the Virginia Capital Trail Historical Highway Markers Audio Tour so that you can drive or bike between Richmond and Williamsburg and listen to the stories the markers tell as you pass by. Because safety is a vital concern for both motorists and bicyclists, we have deliberately eliminated any additional multimedia content to reduce distraction. Please keep your eyes on the road and the trail, enjoy the beauty of the scenic byway, and listen to the history that surrounds you.  

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