Oberlin Service Men and Women

Oberlin, OH, United States
Est. 1.2km / 47 mins

Oberlin Service Men and Women - Cya On The Road

This tour, originally created by the Oberlin Heritage Center in 2017 as a guided tour, was meant to not only remember and commemorate those who sacrificed and died in service, but to honor all of the men and women who have served in the military branches of the United States. Along this tour, you will find stories of some of those who served in wars and conflicts dating back to the Civil War and all the way up to today. While only a few of those who served are highlighted in the tour, all are respected.For more information about the Oberlin Heritage's Centers tours and programs, visit www.oberlinheritagecenter.orgTechnical notes: Although called an audio tour, this tour is based entirely in text and images. The GPS markers should guide you to within 10 yards of the respective grave stones. Please note that walking this tour will use data and your battery. A map of the historic Westwood Cemetery is included for your convenience.Depending on recent weather conditions, some of the grave markers may be partially or fully submerged under water or inaccessible due to saturated surrounding grounds.

by Oberlin Heritage Center
The Oberlin Heritage Center is an accredited museum that offers education programs, tours, research assistance, preservation advice, & more.

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