Oberlin's African-American Community: Historic Groveland

Oberlin, OH, United States
Est. 893m / 18 mins / Map

Oberlin's African-American Community:  Historic Groveland - Cya On The Road

Oberlin College was founded in 1833 and the community quickly formed around it.  Free and fugitive, African-Americans came to Oberlin.  Some only stopped here, others stayed and made their home.The southeast quadrant has historically housed the Oberlin’s African-American community and Groveland Street is at its heart.As you stroll down Groveland, you will learn about some of Oberlin’s amazing African-American women associated with some of the existing homes.  Groveland may not look like some of the other neighborhoods in Oberlin, but if you have an interest in Oberlin history, you must become familiar with Groveland.Please remember that the homes on this tour are private residences and be respectful of their privacy and remain on the sidewalk or curb lawn at all times. Tour narration is done by Oberlin High School Students, Eterenal Jones-Mosby, Savannah Lauderdale, Lindsey Oliver, Bailey Wallace and Khalilah Wimbley.  

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