Virginia Historical Highway Markers along I-95

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Virginia Historical Highway Markers along I-95 - Cya On The Road

The Virginia Historical Highway Markers Program began in 1927, and was the first to be established in the country. It rapidly became a very popular way to learn more about the state's diverse history. Of course, in 1927, automobiles traveled much more slowly, and never on an interstate highway system as vast as the one we rely on today.Unfortunately, the slower pace of life, which facilitated the early marker program, has itself become a thing of the past, and many tourists and residents only experience Virginia from our busy modern highways. With the exception of the handful of historical highway markers that are co-located at Virginia Welcome Centers, travelers along the interstates never see, let alone have a chance to stop and read the thousands of markers that are often just a stone’s throw from the highways corridor.We hope you will find that DHR's "Virginia I-95 Historical Highway Markers Audio Tour" solves this problem.Most of the markers within a five mile buffer of I-95 have been recorded so that you can listen to them as you pass. Occasionally, we've had to adjust the timing between the audio for the markers in this story-packed corridor to ensure the recordings reach you in a continuous flow.As long as you obey the speed limit you'll find that a steady stream of stories will keep you company the length of the I-95 corridor (including the portions of I-295, -395 and -495 connected to it) from North Carolina to Washington, D.C. You can begin the tour from any point, and it will not matter which direction you are travelling.Students and faculty in the Department of Theater, Speech, and Dance at the College of William & Mary, have provided the marker recordings you will hear. We hope you enjoy the stories that come to life during your journey through Virginia, today.

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