Kirwin Ghost Town

Meeteetse, WY, United States
Est. 2.8km / 1 hr 31 mins

Kirwin Ghost Town - Cya On The Road

Experience the buildings of the historic ghost mining town of Kirwin, located in the Absaroka Mountains of Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming, USA, about 40 miles southwest of Meeteetse. Many of the historic buildings remain onsite and some are opened by the U.S. Forest Service for visitors to enter.*Do NOT enter any buildings that are locked or bolted shut; they have been closed for health and safety reasons.Kirwin was started after William Kirwin and Harry Adams found ore on a hunting trip to the area in 1885. By the early 1900s, the town had a population of over 200 people. The stage even ran three times a week from Meeteetse. Kirwin was an unusual mining town in that no brothels were permitted in the town; many accounts also claim that there was never a saloon in town, but there may have been one, although we're not sure how long it lasted.A large avalanche killed three people in 1907 and the town's population declined. When another avalanche struck a few years later, the town was abandoned. The land was later purchased by Carl Dunrud, the owner of the Double Dee Guest Ranch a few miles below the town. He used the area largely for tours and hunting groups. The town was purchased by AMAX for renewed mining efforts in the 1960s. Some mining did occur, but due to the difficulty of getting the minerals (primarily molybdenum) and the reaction of Meeteetse residents to the idea of strip mining, the company halted operations and sold the site. It was later donated to the National Forest by the Nature Conservancy and the Mellon Foundations.*Due to elevation, please bring plenty of water and layers for weather changes. Also, being in the Yellowstone ecosystem, grizzly bears may be seen near Kirwin. Bring bear spray, know how to use it, and keep your eyes peeled for signs of bears in the area. Other wildlife are also visible in the area for you to enjoy.

by Meeteetse Museums
A museum featuring Meeteetse’s natural, cultural, and artistic heritage

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