I-5 Corridor/NorCal/Sacramento-Redding

Redding, CA, United States; Anderson, CA, United States; Cottonwood, CA, United States; Red Bluff, CA, United States; Corning, CA, United States; Orland, CA, United States; Willows, CA, United States; Williams, CA, United States; Arbuckle, CA, United States; Dunnigan, CA, United States; Zamora, CA, United States; Yolo, CA, United States; Woodland, CA, United States; West Sacramento, CA, United States
Est. 253.9km / 5 hrs 51 mins / Map

I-5 Corridor/NorCal/Sacramento-Redding - Cya On The Road

The I-5 Corridor Tour is a comprehensive guide for travelers of Interstate Highway 5, paralleling the Pacific Ocean and the West Coast of the United States. This Highway is a major north- south artery that stretches approximately 1,500 miles from the Mexican border at the south end to the Canadian border at the north end, running through the Westernmost states of California, Oregon, and Washington.Major cities and metropolitan areas served by Interstate 5 include San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle. While the highway does not enter the heavily populated San Francisco Bay Area, it has many arteries and spurs that serve it. The highway also serve a large portion of Orange County in Southern California as well as suburbs all of the other major metropolitan areas.

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