Wichita Flag Murals - Downtown Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, KS, United States
Est. 9.9km / 3 hrs 18 mins

Wichita Flag Murals - Downtown Wichita, Kansas - Cya On The Road

Designed by local artist Cecil McAlister in a 1937 city flag design contest, Wichita's official city flag was adopted on Flag Day (June 14) that same year. Red and white rays symbolize the path of freedom to come and go as one pleases. The blue disc represents happiness and contentment. The white symbol in the disc signifies 'permanent home.'The flag's resurgence as a symbol of local civic pride started around 2015. Since then numerous murals painted by local artists have incorporated the flag or its elements. This is a tour of the flag-related outdoor murals that you'll find when biking or walking around Douglas Avenue, an east-west  Wichita thoroughfare.Post your pictures of Wichita flag murals using #wichitaflag and #ilovewichita. Be sure to tag @wichitaflag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Look for more information on ilovewichita.org about flag-related murals throughout the rest of the community, flag history, downloadable coloring sheets, places to purchase flag swag and copyright information.For more information about the history and symbolism of our city's flag, check out this short video titled, Your Wichita Flag.You can check Bike Share ICT for information about nearby bike rentals.Please be aware of your surroundings as you tour the area and be sure to obey all traffic signals. Enjoy your tour! 

by Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce
The Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce drives success for our members, leadership for our community and prosperity for our region.

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