Double Dee Dude Ranch

Meeteetse, WY, United States
Est. 479m / 30 mins

Double Dee Dude Ranch - Cya On The Road

Carl Dunrud purchased this property along with the mining ghost town of Kirwin in the early 1930s and developed it into a dude or guest ranch. One of the most famous guests was Amelia Earhart, who visited in 1934. The property was sold to Nancy Wright in 1946 and then Basil Bennett. Duke Wilson acquired it in 1955 and AMAX in the 1960s. The Richard King Mellon Foundation purchased the property in the early 1990s and donated it to the US Forest Service. Both the Double Dee and Kirwin are now in Shoshone National Forest.Much of this information was compiled by Meeteetse Museums Volunteer Pam Johnston, who took notes during the Kirwin Tour in August 2011 from narratives provided by Rich Dunrud and his wife Toni, and Jim Dunrud and his wife, Joan. Rich and Jim were the sons of Carl Dunrud. Additional research was done in March 2016 in the Book of Records 45N through 52N, R103W, Section 21, Park County, Wyoming.Unless otherwise noted, images shown are part of the Meeteetse Museums' permanent collections.

by Meeteetse Museums
A museum featuring Meeteetse’s natural, cultural, and artistic heritage

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