CT Blue Heritage Trail: Morton F. Plant's Avery Point Estate

Groton, CT, United States
Est. 1.5km / 31 mins / Map

CT Blue Heritage Trail:  Morton F. Plant's Avery Point Estate - Cya On The Road

Morton F. Plant, a wealthy philanthropist, began construction on his Groton Estate at Avery Point in 1903.  Upon completion, his home and the surrounding buildings were often collectively referred to as, The Branford Estate, taking its name from the most prominent structure on the premises, the Branford House Mansion.  Plant, who lived in New York City, chose this location for his summer residence for two reasons:  the property’s proximity to Long Island Sound and the vast expanse of undeveloped land adjacent to Avery Point.  Having his home so close to Long Island Sound was important to this well-known yachtsman because of the direct water access that the property afforded in addition to having beautiful views.  He purchased many parcels of land adjacent to Avery Point that would provide him with ample space to pursue his interests in horticulture and agriculture, and continued buying land until his death in 1918.  The Estate originally consisted of 22 buildings that extended across almost 70 acres and included greenhouses, gardens, work houses and stables, a boathouse, and of course, the mansion.  This tour will focus on the unique and beautiful architecture of the buildings in Morton F. Plant’s estate.  Although some of the original structures are no longer here, and many new buildings have been added over the years, you will be able to envision the size and impressive stature of his estate.

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