Weird Nicollet Tour, Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN, United States
Est. 3.7km / 1 hr 15 mins / Map

Weird Nicollet Tour, Minneapolis - Cya On The Road

Does Minneapolis have mystical energy? Is there really a mummy on Nicollet? What were some of the area's strangest places?Magical elixirs, Egyptian hieroglyphics, shocking bar stools, a sordid past. Take a tour of WEIRD Minneapolis with this walk around the Nicollet Mall, downtown. And, yes, the Nicollet corridor was once the site of the world's largest tap-dancing parade.Get a tour of WEIRD Nicollet, an area of downtown Minneapolis that has been the site of weird, mysterious and wonderful history. Today, Nicollet is a bustling business, cultural, and pedestrian center in the heart of the city.This tour is produced by the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District, with help from multiple contributors. If you like the content, please ping us on Twitter at @MplsDID, or tag your post with the #onNicollet hashtag. 

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