Wild I-70 Audio Tour

Golden, CO, United States; Idaho Springs, CO, United States; Dillon, CO, United States; Frisco, CO, United States; Vail, CO, United States; Avon, CO, United States; Gypsum, CO, United States; Glenwood Springs, CO, United States
Est. 212.1km / 4 hrs 45 mins

Wild I-70 Audio Tour - Cya On The Road

Everyone who visits or lives in Colorado travels the I-70 mountain corridor. This 144 mile stretch of road, from Golden to Glenwood Springs, takes us to the mountains to hike, bike, ski, shop, vacation, and work. It is a vital part of the Colorado lifestyle. But, most people rarely think about how this road impacts the wildlife and wild lands we are traveling to see.The Wild I-70 Audio Tour introduces listeners to the wildlife and environments beyond their windshield. Quirky stories, unusual facts, and science help explain how lynx, wolves, humans, and more all use this important movement corridor.Introduction music by Chimney Choir, Denver, CO.#denvertrip

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