Strasburg VA Heritage Association Ghost Tour #1

Strasburg, VA, United States
Est. 1.1km / 23 mins

Strasburg VA Heritage Association Ghost Tour #1 - Cya On The Road

This Ghost Tour is being offered by the Strasburg Heritage Association, located in Strasburg, Virginia.  This tour covers the streets of Holliday, High, and Queen.  It begins at the Hotel Strasburg. The estimated time to complete the tour is less than an hour.  In this short time, you can experience an enjoyable, educational, and entertaining haunting experience.Listen to ghost stories as you walk the streets of Strasburg stopping at our haunted destinations.  Listen to tales of objects being moved without explanation, sightings of apparitions, and learn about the history and beautiful architecture of our haunted destinations!  The only thing you have to be afraid of is the fun you will be missing if you do not take this tour!We traditionally have walking tours on the last Saturday of October every other year.  Due to the current COVID pandemic, we had to cancel, but we still wanted to offer an entertaining and haunting experience!  So, we are offering this on-demand self walking tour.  You need to start at the Hotel Strasburg which is located on the intersection of South Holliday and Queen Streets.  Once you get in proximity to any of our tour stops, the information for that stop will appear on your phone.  Please explore the multimedia content at each stop.  There will be an audio story to listen to and images that you can touch to display on your phone.  Most stops have several images, so scroll through to see them all.  Some stops on the tour have videos as well.  Finally, each stop has a quiz you can take to see how well you listened to the story!  We want to thank students of Strasburg High School under the guidance of their teacher, Ms. Sharon White, for their assistance with this tour. The students shared their talents by recording some of the stories and creating videos. It was great working together on a community project!Please be safe and careful as you walk and cross the streets of our community.  Our ghost tour is one of our major fundraisers for the Strasburg Heritage Association.  If you are able, please consider sending us a donation.  The address and more information about our group can be found on  Any donations are greatly appreciated.Thank you for your support and enjoy your tour!

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