Exeter LitFest Walking Tour

Exeter, NH, United States
Est. 1.4km / 28 mins / Map

Exeter LitFest Walking Tour - Cya On The Road

For hundreds of years, diverse writers in Exeter, NH have been creating stories that have spread across the region and across the world. ExeterLitFest.com is proud to bring our homegrown written arts tradition to life for you through this accessible, mile-and-a-half walk around downtown, as well as through an annual festival each April.As Exeter itself did, let’s begin at the historic Squamscott River by the falls. Find the public boat ramp at 233 Water Street - you can leave your vehicle in the parking lot if you like. First stop is Stewart Park, a small garden with benches at the edge of the water, just behind the Phillips Exeter Academy Boathouse.

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