Discover Hermosa - Historic Landmarks

Hermosa Beach, CA, United States
Est. 3.3km / 1 hr 39 mins / Map

Discover Hermosa - Historic Landmarks - Cya On The Road

Hermosa Beach has been referred to as many things; the idyllic Southern California Beach Community; one of the Happiest Seaside Towns in America; a Quaint laid-back birthplace of California surfing; and a city that will make you smile for a weekend or for a lifetime. In this tour, you'll learn the history that's made Hermosa Beach what it is today. From Hollywood productions to the Surfers Walk of Fame to a brief education of the jazz and punk musicians that got their start here, Hermosa Beach has been a focal-point of pop-culture for years. Get the most out of your visit to Hermosa Beach with this guide to what's made Hermosa Beach one fo the best little beach cities in America.

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