Camp Michaux (Pine Grove Furnace POW Interrogation Camp)

Gardners, PA, United States; Newville, PA, United States
Est. 1.1km / 34 mins / Map

Camp Michaux (Pine Grove Furnace POW Interrogation Camp) - Cya On The Road

Nestled in the wooded forests of Michaux State Forest lay the concrete remnants of an old CCC Camp which was used as a POW camp during World War II and eventually was renovated and transformed a church camp post-war. The POW camp, named "Camp Michaux" or "Pine Grove Furnace POW Interrogation Camp," played a vital role in the World War II POW system. The camp was used to sort and separate the German prisoners send from overseas into eight separate categories in order to determine which POWs would be likely to have usable military intelligence and which of the prisoners would be most willing to cooperate with their interrogators. During its operation from May 1943 through November 1945, Camp Michaux housed more than 7,500 POWs in its 100 acre campus. 

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