The Lorain Tornado Tour

Lorain, OH, United States
Est. 8.3km / 2 hrs 57 mins

The Lorain Tornado Tour - Cya On The Road

On June 28, 1924 an F4 tornado touched down in Sandusky and Lorain, taking a total of 85 lives and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. This tour was developed as part of the 95th anniversary commemoration in 2019. The stories from that tornado are still seared into the history and memory of Lorainites today. Included in this tour are a series of personal accounts of the tornado and how individuals were immediately affected. The images shown at each location illustrate the damage done to that area of Lorain. Throughout this tour, you can see how Lorainites stood by their community when faced with intense destruction, and how they were able to work together to clean up the city in a matter of days. The visual aids help paint the picture of how the community of Lorainites, doctors, and volunteers rose to the challenge and restored this beautiful city. As you follow the path and browse the snap shots of the past, it is not hard to find the passion Lorainites have for their city and for their history. For more information about the tornado, please contact the Lorain Historical Society.

by Lorain Historical Society
The Lorain Historical Society engages members of the community and visitors through the preservation and education of the history of Lorain.

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