Historical Highway Markers of Pulaski County

Dublin, VA, United States; Draper, VA, United States; Pulaski, VA, United States; Radford, VA, United States
Est. 82.0km / 2 hrs / Map

Historical Highway Markers of Pulaski County - Cya On The Road

Pulaski County was developed from portions of Montgomery and Wythe counties on March 30, 1839, becoming the 87th county of the Commonwealth of Virginia. This audio driving tour allows to you listen to the historic events, people and places in the county as you tour this beautiful part of western Virginia. The audio of the marker texts in this tour were created by students from Pulaski County High School - home of the Cougars!(MARKER ONE)Begin the Pulaski County Audio Tour in the Town of Dublin at the intersection of Dublin Park Road with Town Center Drive. When the World War Two Home Front marker recording ends, drive southwest on Dublin Park Road to the intersection with Cleburne Boulevard.Turn left onto Cleburne road and proceed toward the Town of Draper, which is a distance of about 10 miles.Just past the Spinning Jenny Vineyard, turn left onto Route 658 and continue through town past the Draper Mercantile and Trading Company.Stay on Route 658 as it turns left to merge with Belton Road. Just before meeting the New River, Belton Road/Route 658 turns west. Follow it past Clarks Mill Church.  The road bends south and intersects Route 609.Turn right on Route 609 and continue driving west past Swan Ranch Farm.Stay on 609 as it turns north at Pine Run Road. (MARKER TWO)Turn right on Wysor Road (also known as Route100) which will wind north and pass under Interstate 85.(MARKER THREE)Here the road merges with Lee Highway (also known as Route 11) and continues toward the town of Pulaski. In Pulaski, Lee Highway merges first with South Washington Avenue, then with 5th Street North East.(MARKER FOUR)The tour continues north from Pulaski until it re-enter the Town of Dublin.Turn left on Cleburne Boulevard once more, while skirting the campus of New River Community College on your left.The tour continues east on Cleburne Boulevard until intersecting with Highland Road (also known as Route 627). (MARKER FIVE)Turn left on Highland Road and wind west until it intersects Belspring Road (also known as route 600).(MARKER SIX)Turn right on Belspring Road and follow it until it meets Lee Highway.Just before reaching New River, turns right on Hazel Hollow Road (also known as Route 626).(MARKER SEVEN)Follow Hazel Hollow Road and turn right on Falling Branch Road (also known as Route 798).Turn right on New River Road (also known as Route 624) and follow it north to the intersection with Lee Highway.(MARKER EIGHT)Turn left Lee Highway and drive west until turning left on Old Route 11.(MARKER NINE).Turn right on Bagging Plant Road (also known as Route 617) to complete the tour loop and listen to the last marker recording at Dublin Park(MARKER TEN).

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