Pueblo History and Art Walk - The Bojon Town Loop

Pueblo, CO, United States
Est. 3.7km / 1 hr 14 mins

Pueblo History and Art Walk - The Bojon Town Loop - Cya On The Road

Hello and Welcome!  This is where you can begin taking a virtually guided historical art walk throughout three of the oldest neighborhoods in Pueblo, Colorado.  This walk consists of historical stops within the neighborhoods, rotating art pieces, and physical activity.  The Historical Walk is portioned into three loops you can choose from, all varying in lengths.  Here are the options you can choose from;  1. The Grove Neighborhood Loop: In this loop, you take a stroll through the newest addition to the Pueblo Creative Corridor, The Grove neighborhood. Sitting just south of downtown Pueblo, The Grove provides opportunities to purchase art from local Pueblo artists, view one of the oldest churches in the City, and see the beauty of the Arkansas River.   This loop is a total of 1.86 miles with very minimal elevation gain.   2. The Bojon Town Loop: In this loop, you will get to experience all the Grove has to offer and also get to see what sparked the revitalization of the three historical neighborhoods. You’ll take a peek at the turnstile gate where steel mill workers would meet their families after a shift, and get a taste of true Pueblo restaurants.   This loop is a total of 3.48 miles with high elevation gain. Stops are available along the way.   3. The Bessemer Neighborhood Loop: In addition to the two previous loops, the Bessemer loop adds more shopping and play to your tour. You will get to see diverse mom and pop shops along the Northern Avenue Business corridor, play at Bessemer Park, and hear about the oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi.  This loop is a total 4.93 miles with high elevation gain, but don’t worry, stops are available along the way.   You are currently on the Bojon Town Loop. If you wish to do one of the other tours, please scroll down to the bottom to the “See Also” section, and choose the loop you’d like to walk today.   Just a few last things before we begin.   1. You are welcome to choose any of the three loops to start, as our loops build on each other. As you are on the tour, we will let you know when you’ve reached a point where you can extend your tour into a new neighborhood, or continue your current loop to the end.2. You can stop at any time and start again at the same spot later.  3. You can follow the route shown on your phone, or listen as we guide you from one spot to the next.  4. If you need to skip a site, feel free to do so. The tour will pick back up at the next location.   5. Finally, Make sure to obey traffic signals and always pay attention to your surroundings.  But above all. Have fun!!!  But above all, have fun!We hope you enjoy the tour and your time in our beautiful Pueblo! 

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