Pasadena Public Art, Self-Guided Bike Tour

Pasadena, CA, United States
Est. 37.1km / 6 hrs 11 mins / Map

Pasadena Public Art, Self-Guided Bike Tour - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the Pasadena Public Art Self-Guided Bike Tour. This tour is part of the Walk Local Bike Solo campaign presented in May 2020 by the City of Pasadena, Day One, and the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition.Once you complete this tour, please complete a short survey and you will be entered into a raffle for prizes. You can find the survey at:  Thanks.This tour includes art from two organizers: the City of Pasadena’s Cultural Affairs rotating public art program and the Playhouse Village Public Art program.The City’s rotating public art program was launched in 2011 to enliven neighborhoods throughout the City with sculpture. Some of the artworks you will encounter were pre-existing and have been loaned to the City; others were newly commissioned as site-specific temporary artworks. This program aims to encourage the exchange of ideas and values about art, place, and creativity in our everyday lives.The Playhouse Village, which encompasses the area surrounding the Historic Pasadena Playhouse, is home to numerous public art installations using various mediums including murals, art on crosswalks, and art on utility boxes throughout the Village; adding to the cultural richness of Pasadena’s premier arts district. The Playhouse Village Association has commissioned four artists to create public art on utility boxes throughout the Village. These boxes represent the artist’s visions.Since the art in this tour is spread throughout the City of Pasadena, you can follow our recommended bike route and do it all in one day, or you can ride it in segments over several days. You can also pick any location you want to visit, in any sequence that you like. This tour relies on the GPS in your smart phone so that information and a recording about each art piece will be made available once you are close to each artwork’s location.This tour is the result of work by the City of Pasadena Department of Transportation, the City's Cultural Affairs Division, Day One, the Playhouse Village Association, Side Street Projects, and the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition.

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