July Flower Drive By

Hawarden, IA, United States
Est. --- / 30 mins / Map

July Flower Drive By - Cya On The Road

Sioux County Conservation is proud to provide a SELF (Senior Environmental Learning and Fellowship) program during our current Covid-19 Pandemic. The July Flower Drive By will be set up in the Deer Run Campground, July 21, 2020 from 9:00-11:00am. Upon entering the loop, participants will receive a paper copy of each stops to take with them through the tour and assisted by the izi.TRAVEL app if requested. At each stop there will be beautiful Native Flowers showcased. SELF participants can choose to keep vehicle windows up and do their own reading or listening as the volunteer shows the flower through the window. OR they can roll their windows down for a personal explanation provided by the volunteer. 

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