The Land of Lincoln

Petersburg, IL, United States; Springfield, IL, United States
Est. 31.9km / 54 mins

The Land of Lincoln - Cya On The Road

Abraham Lincoln, better known as ‘Honest Abe,’ portrayed your everyday, hardworking American. He was born to Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks on February 12th, 1809 in Kentucky, where he grew up in a working-class family. During Lincoln’s youth, Kentucky was a legal slave state of the South; some argue this influenced the Lincoln family to move to Indiana and later Illinois, where slavery was illegal. It is important to note that during Abe’s life and political career, the United States was developing as a country separate from international influence (like Britain) and waging the war on slavery. Historians find it hard to pinpoint the exact location that shaped Abraham Lincoln into the man he was, however, our tour today will focus on Springfield, Illinois. Locals and visitors alike will find statues, monuments, and the legacy of Lincoln scattered throughout the state capital. For that, Springfield is regarded as the ‘Land of Lincoln.’ It is also the official state motto. For our purpose, we will focus on the private and political life of Abraham Lincoln by visiting sites that highlight different facets of his life. This tour will guide you to exhibits which reflect the humble beginning of Abe Lincoln, his role as a common man to locals, and most importantly the contributions he made to American history. By the end of this tour, one should develop an understanding of how Abe Lincoln is perceived as one of America’s most beloved and influential Presidents by the twentieth century, as well as his role in one of the most pivotal points of American history and how this shaped the American experience for centuries to come.  Photo taken by: Nicole Knoles

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