Pasadena Little Free Library Bicycle Tour #1

Pasadena, CA, United States
Est. 12.6km / 2 hrs 6 mins

Pasadena Little Free Library Bicycle Tour #1 - Cya On The Road

This is a self-guided bicycle tour of Little Free Libraries in Pasadena as part of the Walk Local Bike Solo campaign - a partnership of the City of Pasadena Department of Transportation, Day One Pasadena, and the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition.We recommend you follow the route in this tour since we have optimized it to be a pleasant ride primarily on low volume, low speed streets. You can follow it in the order we've created, or you can visit each location in any sequence you like. Please note that all of the audio navigation cues assume that you are riding in the sequence we've created. If you ride the route in reverse order, the cues will not help you.BEFORE YOU START, WE WANT YOU TO KNOW AND ENSURE THE FOLLOWING 8 ITEMS:1. Make sure your bike is in good working condition. If you haven't ridden your bike in a long time and you're not sure how to check it over, make adjustments, and properly inflate your tires, we recommend a tune up from your local bike shop.2. We recommend wearing a properly fitted and secured helmet while riding your bike. California state law requires anyone under the age of 18 to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.3. Make sure your phone is charged and that your GPS location is turned on. This app relies on your phone's GPS for all the audio cues and information. We also recommend closing all other apps while you are riding.4. This tour uses audio cues to guide you. You can use an external speaker, earbuds or headphones for the audio cues. Only use one earbud or headphone, not two. It is illegal to use two headphones or earbuds while riding a bike in California. It's also dangerous.5. Remember that you must follow all rules of the road for the state of California which includes obeying all street signs, road markings, and traffic signals. Riding on sidewalks in residential neighborhoods is legal in the City of Pasadena, but you must always yield to pedestrians. We hope you don't feel the need to ride on the sidewalk, but if you do, go slowly.6. We recommend that you review the route map before you start riding, just to give you a sense of where you will be going. At any time during the ride, you can pull over and stop to look at the map to see where you are. We do not recommend checking the map while riding. Stop first.7. This route consists of mostly right turns and the libraries will be on your right most of the time, but there will be exceptions. We also designed this route to be mostly on residential streets, but there are a few unavoidable short sections on busier streets. Most major street crossings will be at signalized or stop sign controlled intersections, but there are some unavoidable exceptions. Always be alert to road conditions and other road users around you.8. When riding on any given street, continue on that street and do not turn or change direction until you hear another cue. Ride at a casual pace to allow the time needed to trigger the audio cues. Relax and enjoy the scenery while you ride. We're not racing, right? You can stop at any time and check the map if you think you've gone off route or missed a cue.Now you are ready to go.We ask that when you do the ride, please take a few selfies and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #WalkLocalBikeSolo. Thanks.We hope you enjoy the ride.

by Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition
We are an advocacy group dedicated to promoting Complete Streets projects in Pasadena, California

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