Robin Road

State College, PA, United States
Est. 338m / 7 mins / Map

Robin Road - Cya On The Road

Robin Road, was first established with the large brick house on the corner. Further development would wait until the mid-1950s when A. William Hajjar designed homes on many of the remaining lots. This was a unique opportunity for Hajjar, allowing him to site houses in relation to one another and the landscape, rather than only having control over an isolated lot. On nearby streets, Hajjar served as both developer and architect, finding a buyer after completing the design. On Robin Road many of the homes were designed for a specific client. This was a prolific period for architects in State College, with a growing population of professors willing to build homes in a modern style.Images for this tour by Bob Malcolm and Jonathan Hsieh.Questions? Contact the Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library ( or the Donald W. Hamer Center for Maps and Geospatial Information ( using a desktop screen reader, after clicking on a property, a pop-up box with the image and play button for audio appears to the right.  The play button can only be found by tabbing through all of the properties.  The experience is better using mobile app than the desktop version.

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