Know Your Place: West Fork Scenic Bikeway

Azusa, CA, United States
Est. 18.5km / 5 hrs 19 mins / Map

Know Your Place: West Fork Scenic Bikeway - Cya On The Road

Link to route on Ride With GPS.This 12 mile route runs along a paved road open only to non-motorized traffic (except for maintenance and emergency services). Heading West this route is mostly a gradual uphill, while the return trip heading East is a fun coast downhill. The trailhead is usually pretty crowded with families enjoying a dip in the river, but once you make your way West a few miles, the crowds really thin out and you can almost feel like you have the place to yourself. Gets very busy on weekends, so if you have a chance to come by on a weekday, you'll encounter less crowds. Unfortunately, getting to the trailhead will require a vehicle. There is no public transit to get here, and although you can definitely ride up Highway 39 all the way to the trailhead via bike, that may be too much for a family ride with children.From Interstate 210 in the City of Azusa, take the Highway 39/Azusa Avenue exit and head north. Beyond downtown Azusa, Highway 39 passes the Forest Service’s San Gabriel Entrance Station and enters the National Monument. Continue on Highway 39 (a.k.a. San Gabriel Canyon Road) past San Gabriel and Morris Reservoirs. About 7 miles from I-210, continue past a right turn that leads over a bridge to the East Fork Road. Continue straight on Highway 39 another 1.5 miles, past the OHV area, to where the road crosses the West Fork. There are parking areas just before and just beyond the bridge. The West Fork National Bikeway Trailhead starts on the south side of the bridge and heads up the West Fork. You will need to purchase a $5 Adventure Pass to park at the gated West Fork Trailhead. You can usually purchase it at the San Gabriel Entrance Station that you pass on the way up Highway 39, but they're currently closed due to the pandemic. You can also purchase an Adventure Pass ahead of time at Big 5 Sporting Goods or other participating businesses. There has been high demand for these passes lately, so we recommend trying to get your pass ahead of time. You can get more information on these passes and where to buy them here: 

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