Plants and Fire: Santa Fe Dam to the base of the San Gabriel Mountains

Baldwin Park, CA, United States; Azusa, CA, United States
Est. 17.8km / 2 hrs / Map

Plants and Fire: Santa Fe Dam to the base of the San Gabriel Mountains - Cya On The Road

Learn about some plants along this stretch that passes through Irwindale, Duarte and Azusa. At the turnaround point, we have some views of late August 2020 fire damage, so we'll explore the topic of fire ecology.This 11.1 mile ride starts at Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area and heads North along the San Gabriel River Bike Path, providing a view of the San Gabriel Mountains for the first half of your ride. The ride back offers views of the hills that make up Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights and other communities. The route is mostly on a Class 1 bike path, meaning it's separated from traffic. However, there is a short stretch where the path is unprotected and runs alongside San Gabriel Canyon Road. There are also two stop signs along the bike path where traffic doesn't have a stop with cars often turning left, but when the route was scouted, drivers seem to be considerate and aware.  There is also some road maneuvering if you take the detour to Encanto Park. There's little to no shade along the route, so bring plenty of water and sunscreen. There are restrooms at Santa Fe Dam and at Encanto Park, which is 1.6 miles from the start and 3 miles from the turnaround point, so you can visit Encanto Park on your way up or on your way down.This route also offers a view of some of the aftermath of the recent fires in the area, offering an opportunity to learn about fire ecology in Southern California. 

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