Wild Walk Central Park

New York, NY, United States
Est. 848m / 17 mins / Map

Wild Walk Central Park - Cya On The Road

Welcome to this Wild Walk sponsored by One Earth Conservation. During this walk you have the chance to slow down and connect to nature, including human nature, which is connected to the beauty all around you.  You will also be able to use movement to learn and experience five human intelligences: emotional, social, multispecies, ecological, and spiritual. A hand guide for Wild Walks in general is available here.You can pause the program and take as long as you want at each stop and with each exercise.  We offer this walk as a gift, and your gracious donation will help us provide more wild walks to more people, and to support parrots and people in our conservation program. Would you consider donating?We'd love feedback on this walk and to learn how it was for you, for nurturing nature is about being in relationship with all that is, including you who walk and we who designed the walk.We often do these walks live, but with the pandemic restrictions we thought to offer this virtual walk, and our hopes is that it will nurture you in unsure and hard times.

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