(Some of) Dr. Martin Luther King's Visits to Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, United States
Est. 11.1km / 1 hr 51 mins

(Some of) Dr. Martin Luther King's Visits to Los Angeles - Cya On The Road

This family-friendly seven mile ride starts at Exposition Park and makes its way south, with a turnaround point at the South Los Angeles Wetlands Park. This route uses different types of bike lanes (including the newly-installed lanes along Avalon Blvd), as well as side streets without a bike lane. This relatively flat route should take less than an hour at a leisurely pace. You'll visit six different locations that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visited during some of his trips to Los Angeles. For this info, we'll have to give a huge measure of gratitude to Gustavo Arellano for creating a list and map of Dr. King's visits for Curbed Los Angeles in 2017. RIP Curbed LA (they closed in June 2020). A NOTE ABOUT SIDEWALK RIDING: There are a few (very short) stretches along sidewalks included in this route. Sidewalk riding rules vary from city to city, and in this case, it's allowed. HOWEVER, cyclists do not have the right of way here. While on a bike, think of yourself as the car of the sidewalk and extend the same care, courtesy and consideration to pedestrians and other sidewalk users that you would want from a driver in a car.

LACBC is a membership-based nonprofit organization that works to make all communities in LA healthy, safe, and fun places to ride a bike.

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