Savanna and Woodland Restoration at Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve

Prior Lake, MN, United States
Est. 1.2km / 30 mins / Map

Savanna and Woodland Restoration at Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve - Cya On The Road

A tour of the woodland and savanna restoration project that took place between 2017 and 2020 in Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve.Restoration LinksVolunteering opportunitiesStewardship in your backyard ReferencesAhmed-Ullah, N. S. (2007, September 9). Park’s back-to-nature look not growing on neighbors: [Chicagoland Final Edition]. Chicago Tribune, 1.1.Anderson, H., Berger, A., Boe, J., Dunevitz, H., Pierce, A., & Marty, B. (2015). Native Plants for Landscaping and Restoration in Minnesota., T. J., Landis, D. A., & Brudvig, L. A. (2020). Effects of experimental prescribed fire and tree thinning on oak savanna understory plant communities and ecosystem structure. Forest Ecology and Management, 464, 118047., J. (2015, August 25). Three Rivers Park District prairies grow with help from volunteers. Star Tribune., K. T., Tallamy, D. W., & Shriver, W. G. (2009). Impact of Native Plants on Bird and Butterfly Biodiversity in Suburban Landscapes. Conservation Biology, 23(1), 219–224., M. C., Brudvig, L. A., Bahlai, C. A., Gibbs, J., Jean, R. P., & Landis, D. A. (2018). Bee community responses to a gradient of oak savanna restoration practices. Restoration Ecology, 26(5), 882–890. McClintick, L. (2018, September 14). Prairie seed collections are critical on Minnesota parks’ fall to-do lists. Star Tribune. Conservancy’s Hard Clam Restoration Efforts in Great South Bay Beginning to Show Promising Results. (2008, November 13). Targeted News Service., J. R., Nagel, L. M., Keough, H., & Swanston, C. (2017). Michigan Oak Savanna Restoration: A Comparison of Mechanical Thinning Approaches in the Context of Prescribed Fire and Native Seeding. Forest Science, 63(4), 420–431., J., Brunelle, A., & Hepola, T. (2017). Using Paleoecology to Inform Land Management as Climates Change: An Example from an Oak Savanna Ecosystem. Environmental Management, 60(6), 1090–1100. Yacht, A. L., Keyser, P. D., Harper, C. A., Buckley, D. S., & Saxton, A. M. (2017). Restoration of oak woodlands and savannas in Tennessee using canopy-disturbance, fire-season, and herbicides. Forest Ecology and Management, 406, 351–360., A. (2015, November 8). Restoring the rarest of the rare. St. Cloud Times, 2.

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