Chatfield Park tour

Littleton, CO, United States
Est. 4.8km / 1 hr 30 mins / Map
by SG

Chatfield Park tour - Cya On The Road

Chatfield State Park is one of the biggest l and entertaining parks in Colorado. In the past when white people came here to search for gold and settle, Natives of this land warned them about this land calling it a bad medicine. However, they did not listen and build buildings, bridges, and roads here. Years passed and the Natives' prophecy became reality and the flood started and swept everything away. After losing so many things the government decided to build a dam in this area to protect the people and the city. After this decision in 1975 Chatfield State Park opened to the public. Park does not only protect the city from flooding but also has so many beauties within for the people of Colorado.  People can ride air balloons, fly model planes, watch wildlife, swim, hike, ride a horse, take their boats out, etc. As it's shown this park does a lot for its people.

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