Magnuson Park - The True History of Radiation Contamination

Seattle, WA, United States
Est. 1.4km / 34 mins / Map

Magnuson Park - The True History of Radiation Contamination - Cya On The Road

Hi everyone and welcome to a tour guided throughout the second largest park in Seattle, Magnuson Park, located in the Sand Point neighborhood. It is a warm sunny Saturday in Seattle and you’re tired of bringing your kids to the small park in your neighborhood, you want something new and exciting, but what? Magnuson Park truly has it all, there is a large playground for your kids to play on and after you can take a nice stroll or bike ride down the beautiful waterside trail the park offers. There is even putt-putt if you’re looking for something new. Look around and you’ll see the historic looking buildings and proudly think about the men and women who served in our country. But have you ever truly thought about what else went on behind the walls of the park? Or maybe how a place so beautiful could potentially be hazardous to your health and the health of the wildlife you see? Before 2015, Magnuson Park still had radiation within the walls of some buildings that began in the late 1930s when the U.S Navy used radium paint on their aircrafts. Want to know more about the effects that radiation can have on the health and wellbeing of you, your loved ones, and the wildlife that surround? After this tour you will have a better understanding of the environmental history of Magnuson Park and the true affects that radiation exposure can cause.   Magnuson Park was named after Warren G. Magnuson who became the most senior member of the body after serving as a representative for the Washington State Senate along with many other great accomplishments. Although, Magnuson Park was not always a place for the public. Up until 1975, the space was previously used as a naval base known as Sand Point Naval Air Station. This place held the training facility for the Naval Air Reserve where the base supported thousands of Navies, Marine Corps, and civilian personnel. Now, it is a place where anyone can come to enjoy the Park’s nature filled trails, off-leash dog park, children’s playground and much more. Throughout the tour there will be four main stops to give a sense of what goes on within the park and some of its history. We will be exploring the health and safety issues that come from the history of Magnuson Park and the effects that it can have on the humans and wildlife that roam throughout.

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