Wolf Tree Nature Trail & Cultural Center

Seattle, WA, United States
Est. 675m / 19 mins / Map

Wolf Tree Nature Trail & Cultural Center - Cya On The Road

Have you ever found yourself wanting an escape from the bustling urban day-to-day life of Seattle? If so, I hope this tour in a subsection of Seattle's Discovery Park offers an educational and relaxing getaway. The park has a rich and complex history and stretches almost 11 miles by the sea, acting as a very popular tourist destination outside of the metropolitan area. Today my main focus is going to be on the rich biodiversity of Discovery Park, including its plant life, animal life, and even former human habitation and restoration efforts, specifically on the path of the Wolf Tree Nature Trail. The tour is going to be starting at the top of the trail entrance near the parking lot, down southwest to the two ponds at the foot of the trail, and finally, up the road to the Daybreak Star Cultural Center, founded by the United Indians, which will be the last stop on the tour. On this journey through the forest, I suggest pausing every now and then to look upward. The first time I walked this trail, I was spellbound by the way the sunlight would hit the trees in the morning or late afternoon -- they are far from sparse, but the light manages to peek through the cracks and illuminate the damp wetlands, making the branches seem like they're almost sparkling. If you listen closely, you can also hear the rapid wings of Anna's hummingbird or the song of a sparrow, two of the most commonly seen birds in this section of Discovery Park.  The complete walk ranges a little over a mile and is family and dog friendly, as well as an excellent place to exercise -- I recommend wearing boots or close-toed shoes, as it can get rainy and a little muddy, but it's usually well-kept and the walk goes smoothly. Please feel free to pause at any point to take pictures of the variety of flora and fauna, and enjoy the area in whatever way best suits you. I hope this time spent in the forest affects you as it has so many of its guests, and that this tour can further your appreciation of the land's history as well as its current state.   

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