Westwood Cemetery's Black Civil War Soldiers

Oberlin, OH, United States
Est. 1.4km / 2 hrs 23 mins / Map

Westwood Cemetery's Black Civil War Soldiers - Cya On The Road

This scenic tour through historic Westwood Cemetery will uncover the stories of the African American Oberlinians who fought in the American Civil War (1861-1865) on behalf of the Union Army. Ready for fight for the Union and the freedom of millions, these men overcame discrimination and obstacles in order to serve. Once Black soldiers were allowed to enlist, they were placed into segregated military regiments referred to as The United States Colored Troops (USCT).This tour will take you on a preset path through the cemetery. As you walk along the ordered path, the grave information will trigger, or you can skip ahead by pressing "itinerary" at the bottom of your screen.Additionally, if you would like to view the tour attractions freely without the preset order presented here, you can explore the cemetery while on "Free Walking" mode, which you can access outside of this tour at the bottom of the screen with an icon of a globe. In Free-Walking mode, tour attractions will appear on your phone as you get closer to them. If you are driving to the cemetery, we advise parking in the lot closest to the entrance, west of the sextant house, If you need to park in the cemetery, please park in a way which allows pedestrians and other vehicles to pass your vehicle. 

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