Portage Bay Boating Effects on Water Quality

Seattle, WA, United States
Est. 196m / 11 mins

Portage Bay Boating Effects on Water Quality - Cya On The Road

Hello everyone and welcome to the site location for today's audio tour! Seattle’s newest park Fritz Hedges Waterway Park which just had its first birthday October 14th. I’m your guide and will be the voice of your tour today, together we will visit a few sites at Fritz Hedges Park that connect to a larger message of the water quality in the area and of Lake Union. The reason we are visiting this park also known as Portage Bay Park is because it also has access to a portion of the boating dock. The discussion we will have will be around the effects of human usage on the body of water, including resting boats on the dock and the heavy visitation due to local businesses. All of which pollute the water shared by many aquatic species that inhabit the water of Lake Union. 

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