Ramsey's Draft

West Augusta, VA, United States; Mt Solon, VA, United States
Est. 20.8km / 6 hrs 57 mins / Map
by UVA

Ramsey's Draft - Cya On The Road

By tuning our attention away from the visual we open our relation to sound. By expanding our connection to our non visual senses, we will be able to make a deeper connection to our surroundings. Engaging with the flora and fauna by listening is a way to be intimately connected to an ecosystem that we are unfamiliar with. This audio guide is composed of 7 recordings which were taken at Ramsey's Draft Wilderness. These natural soundscapes take the listener through the levels of the forest from under the water to the canopy above. These were recorded at different times throughout the winter and spring across a variety of locations throughout the forest. The goal of this project is to create a liminal space by transporting the listener to the site through eco-acoustics.

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