Redding, CA

Redding, CA, United States; Shasta, CA, United States; French Gulch, CA, United States
Est. 40.0km / 1 hr 14 mins / Map

Redding, CA - Cya On The Road

THIS IS WHAT IS KNOWN AS A "FREE WALKING" TOUR.IT IS DESIGNED TO ALLOW THE LISTENER TO TRAVEL (VIA ANY MODE OF TRANSPORTATION OR ON FOOT) FREELY BETWEEN POINTS OF INTEREST AT ANY TIME AND IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, RATHER THAN FOLLOW A SET ROUTE.POINTS OF INTEREST WILL AUTOMATICALLY "TRIGGER" AND PLAY WHEN THE USER ENTERS THE VICINITY OF A FEATURED ATTRACTION. With its natural beauty, an abundance of recreational opportunities, and excellent quality of life, Redding successfully combines the ambiance of a small town with the amenities of a large city. The outdoor lifestyle, affordable housing, and remarkably low crime rates attract many people from the larger urban areas, creating both a diversified culture and a growing center of commerce and industry.Redding has become a favorite location for conventions for hosting groups from all over the nation, offering a number of large hotels equipped with convention facilities and a state-of-the-art Convention Center. Local accommodations range from modest, for those on a tight budget, to luxurious suites. There are also numerous RV parks, cabins, houseboat rentals and a wide selection of public and private campgrounds. Recreational visitors can enjoy outdoor activities to suit every taste, including fishing and boating on the Sacramento River as it winds through town.Once visitors experience Redding, they return again and again. 

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