Public Participation at Green Lake

Seattle, WA, United States
Est. 1.6km / 37 mins

Public Participation at Green Lake - Cya On The Road

Stop for a moment and imagine your favorite outdoor space. What sounds do you hear? What do you smell? Who are you interacting with? What emotions are you feeling? Perhaps you hear birds chirping, people chatting, water splashing. Maybe you smell grass or fresh flowers. Maybe you see kids playing and people walking their dogs. You probably feel at peace and feel a sense of community. Is it important to you that this outdoor space is taken care of and preserved? These things come to mind when I think of Green Lake Park. If taken care of correctly Green Lake Park can continue to be this beautiful outdoor space for generations to come. Lets dive into how public participation preserves the environment and sense of community at Green Lake Park. We will be making a few stops around the loop to discuss what this looks like in action. 

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