The History of Green Lake

Seattle, WA, United States
Est. 622m / 18 mins

The History of Green Lake - Cya On The Road

 Welcome to my talk tour! Each stop for my talk tour has its own script listed in each description box. This is my general reference list for sources that I used at each stop on my tour.Reference List:Beesley, A. (2020). Reconciling conflict over urban public space: Perceptions of park space in Seattle (c. 1960 to present). ProQuest University of Washington Libraries. Retrieved October 27, 2022, from  Enlow, C. (2003). Olmsted gets his due: cities across the U.S. celebrate a legacy of parks, boulevards, and parkways: on an old postcard, Seattle’s Lake Washington Boulevard is an eyeful, with its super-saturated greens, blue water, winding road, and white-capped Mount Rainier set close against an azure sky. Planning (Chicago, Ill. 1969).Glass, G. (1970, January 1). Developing Olmsted: Combatting contemporary health problems through century old design ideas. Orbiscascade. Retrieved October 27, 2022, from  Phemister, M. (2015). Putting Parks First. Planning, 81(1), 42–47.  

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