The Effects of Spilled Sewage at Discovery Park

Seattle, WA, United States
Est. 1.6km / 36 mins

The Effects of Spilled Sewage at Discovery Park - Cya On The Road

Have you ever felt confined by the urban life in Seattle and wanted to escape into nature? As a UW student, there are many times when I have been wrapped up in school and assignments, and felt like I never had time to experience the beauty of nature in Washington. While Washington has many beautiful national parks that are bucket list places to explore, sometimes it's challenging to travel and many of us don't have time to leave Seattle for more than a couple hours. Fortunately, there is a solution! Discovery park, located in the Magnolia Neighborhood, is the perfect place to escape the bustling University District and immerse yourself in nature, even if it is only for a couple hours. Whether you are a Washington native or UW brought you to Washington, we all appreciate this beauty. Unfortunately, there is a looming issue surrounding this park, and it jeopardizes the health of this beautiful public land. Imagine arriving at the beaches on a sunny summer day, only to find them ridden with chemicals and waste. Are you willing to make a difference or ignore the blatant disregard for one of Seattle’s parks? To begin, we will leave the hectic atmosphere of the university district and travel to the Magnolia neighborhood, home to the beautiful Discovery park. Within Discovery park, the loop trail will lead you in on a 3 mile path around the park, where we will take a closer look at the intricacies of the park, both positive and negative. Each one of these stops will help us to understand why Discovery park is faced with a looming issue. Located on the North side of Discovery Park, and directly next to the beach, the West Point Treatment plant has posed a threat to Discovery park several times due to different sewage leaks that have taken place over the last decade. Because of these leaks, there have been major threats to the ecosystems around the areas, and forced closure of many beaches due to safety hazards for both people and animals. When traveling along the loop trail, we will stop at the treatment plant, north beach, south beach and the lighthouse in order to learn about the history of the spills, and how we can approach the issue. After traveling to these different stops, ask yourself what you could do to effectively make a difference.

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