Montlake Cut

Seattle, WA, United States
Est. 1.2km / 24 mins / Map

Montlake Cut - Cya On The Road

The Montlake Cut is an essential feature of the Seattle area. While built as the easternmost part of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, the Montlake Cut now serves as a place of leisure and recreation. It has now gained its reputation as a well known area to watch the Windermere Cup, making it one of the premiere rowing venues in the world. The Montlake Cut has gained a cultural significance far beyond what it was ever built for. And as a source of cultural significance, the public around the Montlake Cut hold a responsibility to take care of it and the environment around it. The cut being built meant that water would distribute farther and lower levels around the area. While creating an easier passage for shipping and helping the economy for Seattle in the past, it now has to be realized that the species that inhabit that area also have a right to live there. In this case, the loss of habitat in the area as a whole has been a persistent problem for decades now in the area. In this talk I will show you some of the areas throughout the cut that show some evidence of habitat loss, as well as areas where art could be used to raise public awareness of the need to preserve salmon.

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