Rare plant adventure in Dash Point State Park

Federal Way, WA, United States; Tacoma, WA, United States
Est. 1.1km / 22 mins

Rare plant adventure in Dash Point State Park - Cya On The Road

Hi Welcome to Dash Point State Park! Hidden in plain sight between Seattle and Tacoma, here offers miles of forested hiking and biking trails. It’s also a popular destination for water creation! But most important, here is a great place to feel biodiversity. Just like the poem written by Jordan:Biodiversity is many thingsBirds, trees, flowersEverything helps everythingSit and watch for hours…Many words can not expressThe way nature enriches livesWe can put it to the testWe can see how much it thrivesIn today’s world of chaos and constant stimulation, I believe most of us may find it hard to quiet the mind and to think. But here in Dash Point State Park you will gain some peace. Spending a few hours here is a useful tool to enrich both our inner world and knowledge of biodiversity. As soon as you walked in the park, the sound of waves echoing around, a sea of green coming along. Walking along the beach, seeing through the scenes of Puget Sound, and most importantly, exploring miles of forest trails for hiking and biking.Hello nature lovers, welcome to Dash Point State Park’s trail, and I am so happy to see you here. In todays’ hiking, Besides merely browsing the trees around you, do you want to be more involved, and do you desire to feel more nature and dive into biodiversity along the trail. Follow me to upgrade your trail experience into a one-hour adventure journey! Along the 2 miles journey, we will explore multiple stops that contain rare plants. I am sure most of you probably never seen before! As we step deeper, you will definitely find out the beauty of plant biodiversity and feel yourself dive into this green world.

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