Ecotourism of the Popular Beaver Lake Park

Sammamish, WA, United States
Est. 307m / 15 mins

Ecotourism of the Popular Beaver Lake Park - Cya On The Road

Discussing the environmental issues that are present in Beaver Lake Park due to ecotourism and the heavy foot traffic that the park receives.Intro:I want you to close your eyes and just listen for a second. Focus on what you hear. Is it the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind? Is it the children playing? Is it the birds chirping? Whatever it may be, focus on what you are hearing. Try to picture the nature around you with your eyes closed. What do you see? Now open your eyes. Look around. Are you able to connect what you were hearing with what you are now seeing? Nature is beautiful in its own unique way and everybody sees and appreciates things differently. This park is very special to me and you will soon learn why.Hello everyone! My name is Quinn Walker and I am beyond excited to take you on a journey through the beautiful Beaver Lake Park. This park has a very close spot in my heart as I have grown up going to this park and I hope you guys see the beauty in it that I do. Beaver Lake Park has so many things to offer to anybody that is looking to have a great time outdoors. The only challenge with having such an awesome park with so many things to do, is that it is very popular. My goal is to inform you guys about the dangers of ecotourism and the effect that it has had on the wonderful Beaver Lake Park. Because the park has a wide variety of amenities, the park experiences very high foot-traffic which leads to extreme wear on the landscape. This not only has a detrimental effect on the park itself, but also the people who come to see the park as well as the wildlife within. You see, my goal is not to preserve the park for just the people’s sake, I am also looking out for the animals that call the park home. The park continues to become more and more popular every year, and with all the offered amenities, it is understandable why. From a beautiful lake, to a wide open grass field, to a walking trail that takes you through the massive evergreens, Beaver Lake park has it all. But having everything comes at a cost. Don’t you want to be able to show your kids and grandkids this amazing park and everything it has to offer? Don’t you want friends and families from all over the area to be able to experience the natural beauty just like we get to today? While all of this is possible, it's going to take some serious effort in order to help the park recover and preserve the nature within. With the park being a special place for many kids and their families, it would be very sad to see it slowly and slowly die away. The park means a lot to the people of the area and if everyone came together we would be able to preserve the park for generations. With that being said, let's start our journey.

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