Echo Lake Park

Seattle, WA, United States
Est. 340m / 18 mins / Map

Echo Lake Park - Cya On The Road

In Seattle, it always rains unexpectedly, and in a city where it rains for most of the year, sunny days can often bring surprises. But, thankfully, today was a good day. Although the clouds remained low, it was a rare day in Seattle's rainy season to see the setting sun and clouds intertwined. The houses across the lake gave off a faint light in the distance, just a faint light. It was difficult to see in this weather. The small single houses of various colors nestled together and strung out across the shore could only be seen in the distance. It appears to be a secret location, surrounded by towering green trees.The lake swirls slightly, and the water is slow and almost silent. Without the passing bicycle bells and the occasional bird call, the lake seemed disconnected from the rest of the world, as if the entire park was lifeless. Of course, maybe it's still early, so the residents around the area haven't started walking yet, but you can still see signs of human activity from the graffiti on the park rocks and the ashes on the grills that haven't been cleaned up.Hi everyone, you are now at Echo Lake Park in Shoreline, a lake with an area of 11.10ac and an elevation of 395 feet. This is a park surrounded by a human community and the lake is open water for boating and fishing. Fishing opportunities include spring stocking of catchable-size rainbow trout and largemouth bass. The water does not appear to be deep, and small rocks and sand can be seen in the water near the shore. It is such a place that we might curious if people can live peacefully in the environment here. Is the lake water clean enough too? Has the water source been polluted?There will be five stops throughout the trip, and I will take you all along the path along the lake side of the park until the end. Along the way, I will show you two water inlets. This trip will not only be a park tour, but I will also take you to focus on the water quality of the park and explore the impact of human activity on Echo Lake.This will be a relaxing trip, a journey to explore the mysteries of Echo Lake. This will be a quiet time. Please enjoy it in silence! Now I implore you to close your eyes for a moment and quietly feel the little bit of stillness that this park can bring you during your busy schedule, and the freshness of the air that nature exudes, and also listen quite carefully to the faint sound of the water in the lake.

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