Tomac Burying Ground

Old Greenwich, CT, United States
Est. 135m / 28 mins / Map

Tomac Burying Ground - Cya On The Road

Tomac Burying Ground is the oldest cemetery in Greenwich, CT, USA and is located on Tomac Avenue just east of 17 Tomac Ave. and south of Innis Arden Golf Club. It is maintained by The First Congregational Church of Greenwich in Old Greenwich. The earliest burials are in the back half with many unlabeled fieldstone markers. Unfortunately, we have no records of who those markers represent.Buried here are 24 veterans of the Revolutionary War and six of the War of 1812, one of whom fought in both wars. You can find the veterans by the metallic medallion by their headstones. There is also a Civil War soldier, but unfortunately his headstone was stolen, along with some others. The veterans are detailed on a separate Veterans Tour of Tomac. This is a very old cemetery with many small footstones, so please watch your step.

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